🌀🍂 Ep. 4: Bronze leaves, bronze medals

It's not too late to sign up for the kid's program!

Welcome to the autumn season. It's getting chilly outside -- why not warm up with some jiujitsu indoors? 

🌀The Latest: Tournament results

Last Saturday, three competitors represented Kogaion in 5 events and 13 matches at Grappling Industries Maryland tournament. Beatrice, Andrea, and Colin brought home 4 bronze medals after a full day's hard work. This was a good opportunity to test the mind and techniques. The journey continues!

🗓 Kids are kickin' it.

We started our after-school kids program last week. Everyone did an awesome job picking up osoto-gari takedowns, hip bumps, and scissor sweeps. It's always great to have attentive and dutiful students.

It's not too late to sign up!  We will be teaching a continuous curriculum, meaning a kid can join anytime within the 10-week session. We'll go over basic movements and they can jump right in. 

Fall program: (September 16 - December 11)
Mondays and Wednesdays: 6-7PM

Get more information on how to sign up at kogaionacademy.com/kids.

👀 Wolf Watch

Hey, it's me. Beatrice is a blue belt at Kogaion Academy, the kids assistant coach, and the person writing this newsletter right now. Here's her take on her BJJ journey:

I fell in love with BJJ the way most people who become obsessed with it do: instantly, then doubtfully, then completely. For me, jiu-jitsu is a mechanism of perpetual self-reflection, always quelling my ego and emotions while fine-tuning the relationship between body and mind. They call BJJ "human chess" for a reason - you've got to think ahead, stay sharp, and move fast. 

One of the best parts of BJJ is getting to know people stronger and wiser than me, both in the gym and outside. Like Johnny said in Ep. 2, anywhere you travel there's someone ready to slap-bump-roll. Experiencing athletes' care for each other on home mats and then across the coasts has been such humbling experience.

Reply (shirlingtonbjj@gmail.com) to tell us what you want to see more here, or if you have any questions about joining us here at Kogaion.

That’s all for now. Happy hunting. 🐺

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